Saving Scenarios

When saving the results of a scenario, (see Working with scenarios Patchworks prompts you to identify which 'reports' are to be saved. By default all report directories are selected, however, individual reports can be selected and saved to a folder as well. This folder and the individual report files can then be accessed outside Patchworks using other applications. When a scenario is saved, Patchworks automatically creates an html index (index.html) for the files contained in the folder for easy navigation in your web browser.

When a scenario is saved to a folder, Patchworks creates an html file that contains an embedded png bar chart, a separate png file of the chart and a data file of the information in csv format. Each of these file formats can be useful in different applications, for example CSV files can be imported into a spreadsheet application for further analysis, or a number of PNG graphs can be arranged for a visual comparison. It is important to use a meaningful scenario folder name when saving, as this name is appended to each report title to identify which scenario it was derived from. The name of the folder that the report is saved into is the scenario name. This is also appended to the report titles, so you will know from what scenario a report is from. If you are looking at a report straight from the patchworks window before you have saved a scenario, the scenario name will be "Current".