Layered Symbols

As discussed earlier in this section a symbol can be composed of a number of 'parts' or layers. Symbols representing polygon layers may consist of an outline, a colour fill and even a label or a map layer of roads could consist of a simple line symbol. The Patchworks Symbol Editor provides tools for constructing simple one layer symbols or complex multi-layered symbols.

In the 'Layers' window, an entire symbol is represented by a folder entitled 'Layered symbol' and subsequent layers of that symbol are branches below the folder entitled Fill, Line or Point. Each portion of this small directory tree can be selected and its Properties modified.

Selecting the actual folder allows the user to set Properties for the ENTIRE symbol. Adjustments to the symbol at this level will set the behaviour of the entire symbol and still maintain adjustments to layers below.

Individual layers can be selected below the folder to view the current Properties and property options available for the layer type. Each type of layer (Line, Fill, Point) has its own Style and set of Properties. Additional layers can be ADDED by using the '+' and selecting the type of layer, or REMOVED (-) by highlighting the layer to delete.

Like layers in the Map Viewer, layers of a symbol can be reordered to ensure the layer is visible. For example, a polygon layer could cover a point or line layer in the Map Viewer, just as a Fill layer of a symbol could cover a Point or Line. Layers can be moved to the FRONT or BACK using the appropriate arrow keys at the bottom of the Layer Window.