Preview Window

Scale is an incredibly important part of displaying spatial information, on paper maps and in the digital world. The scale of maps in Patchworks is extremely flexible and constantly changes when features are 'zoomed' in or out of. Because of the flexible nature of the scaling, the symbols which represent the information also have to adapt to changes to maintain effectiveness.

The Preview Window in the 'Symbol Editor' allows the user to easily change the scale from a drop down menu to view how changes will look at various scales. This allows the user to see how a symbol will appear in the map layer at a particular scale. Some changes to line thickness and point sizes may clutter a symbol at a particular scale, or completely disappear.

Visiblility of the entire symbol or layers of the symbol can be scaled to appear or disappear between certain threshold values (discussed below). These changes will appear in the Preview window and can therefore be double checked before they are applied to the entire layer. By selecting various scales from the menu the user can determine if the detailed changes are behaving as anticipated and if the changes will be effective at various scales.