Customized Legend Types

Customized legends can be created in the PIN file when setting up Patchworks to appear in the 'Legend Type' drop down menu. These predefined legend types provide a quick and convenient way to access common information. If there is a classification scheme that is commonly used for particular layers, it would be more efficient to define this classification scheme once and have it available in the 'Layer Properties' dialog box. For example, forest age classes could be defined according to the industry standard once in the PIN and made available as a legend type to determine Seral stages as the model is running. Other options may include predefined symbols and labels for various treatments or habitats of importance.

This is a slightly more advanced Symbology option, however the process is described in the section called “The PIN file” with examples. All the components (classes and methods) necessary for defining this type of map symbology is described in Patchworks Application Programming Interface (API) documentation.