The 'Symbology' sub-category is essentially the 'Legend Editor' of Patchworks and allows the user to modify what information is being displayed by the map layer. 'Symbology' provides an opportunity to chose the legend type, attribute from the data source table, precision and method of classification, normalization, predefined colour sets and access the 'Symbol Editor'. Adjusting the symbology of a layer can drastically change not only the appearence but the information that is being displayed, therefore it is important to experiment with the best classification and colour schemes to best represent the information.

Scaled Symblogy can be toggled on or off by checking and unchecking the box in the Symbology window. If the symbology is scaled all symbols in the layer will change as the scale of the entire map is changed. If symbols are not scaled they will remain the same size (in terms of pixels). For symbols with labels and lines this can be an important feature, as labels and lines at certain scales can obsure the entire symbol! This is also useful when using textured fills for various symbols. If the symbology is not scaled the texture will not change proportionally to the scale of the map, not producing the desired effect.