The fields sub-category displays the column definitions for the Data Source table. This table is referred to by the 'Title' given in the 'Layer' sub-category or if no title was given it will be referred to by the filename. This table displays the attribute name, type, width and precision, as well as a column indicating whether the attribute changes over time (dynamic) and whether it can be edited in other tables (Editable). None of the records or individual cell values can be modified from within this table. This table provides reference information only and may help decisions when creating or editing legends for the map layer in question.

Columns can be rearranged and expanded to display the entire attribute name by holding the mouse over the divide and readjusting. Standard table and selection operators apply to this table despite the fact no modifications can be made.

There has to be more to this table, there is an option I just can't see right now.