Layer Information

The 'Layer' sub-category provides the user with important information pertaining to the 'source' of the data used to create the selected map layer. The Data Source portion of the dialog box displays the entire directory location and filename of the map layer, the number of features represented by the layer (point, line or polygon) and the precise geographical extent of the entire layer in the defined reference scheme. The information contained in the 'Data Source' portion of the box is uneditable and for reference purposes only.

The 'Layer' sub-category provides an opportunity for you to assign a meaningful title to the map layer which will appear in the legend panel of the Map Viewer. If no title is specified a default title of the entire filename and directory will be used. By changing the title there is no change to the source of the layer, the data source is unmodified and the filename is used only as a temporary or default option. The default filename title is sometimes unclear in describing what is being displayed in the Map Viewer, and often times it is too long to see the entire filename. Layer titles are changed and applied by typing text into the 'Title' box and clicking 'Apply'.

The legend of the map layer can be turned on and off by checking and unchecking the 'Show legend' box. Turning off the legend does not change the display of information in the Map Viewer window, it only hides the visibility of the legend in the Legend panel (classification of information remains the same). If the legend is turned off only the 'Title' of the layer appears in the Legend panel.