Identifying Features

Attribute information related to a single block or feature on a selected map layer can be displayed by selecting Identify Feature on the toolbar and then clicking on a feature of interest. When this function is selected you can use the mouse to identify any features on the selected map layer in the Map Viewer window. When a feature is chosen the "Identify Results" window will appear and display all associated information related to the selected feature.

Figure 82. Identify Features

When a number of features are identified in the Map Viewer the "Identify Results" window will start a list of features on the left hand side and their associated attributes on the right. Features can be cleared from the list using "Clear" in the bottom left corner, or the entire list can be eliminated using "Clear All".

Information related to the feature identified in the Map Viewer can be viewed at different periods by sliding the "Period" slide bar on the right hand side of the "Identify Results" window. The entire window can also be resized to read the entire entry in the Label or Value columns, and you can drag the divider between column headings to change the width of the columns themselves.