Creating Reports for Selected Records

The Table Viewer allows the user to create detailed reports for selected records. Reports can be accessed from the Reports menu, within the Table Viewer where a directory tree very similar to the main Report Writer directory tree will appear. Only the reports which use the open table as the 'sourceDataTable' will be present on the directory tree, and only those records which are selected will be used to populate the reports.

If no records have been selected through the Query Tool or by manual selection in either the Map Viewer or the Table Viewer then all records will be represented by default. This would mean if no records were selected in the open table, reports which used the open table as the data source would be identical in both the main Report Writer and the Table Viewer reports.

Individual reports are viewed and opened in any web browser in html format, by clicking on the Text icon on the reports drop down menu, after specific records have been selected in the attribute table. Saving reports from a specific query can be done from within the web browser under the File menu. The chapter Creating Reports contains a more detailed look at defining reports, types of reports, accessing, viewing and formats.