Table Properties

Column order

Click on the column name box at the top of a column, and drag the mouse to the left or right to rearrange the order of columns in a table. The changes only effect the appearance on the screen, the underlying dataset does not change permanently.

Column widths

Column widths can be adjusted to show the entire entry of the cell and field, or minimized to conserve space. To change the width of a column move the mouse pointer to the border between two column headings, press the button, and drag the mouse to the left or right.

Hiding columns

Column Visibility allows the user to specify which fields are visible within the attribute table. Hiding a field does not remove it from the dataset but simply removes unnecessary fields from view during analysis of the data. Using this function greatly reduces clutter in the attribute table if specific information from only a few fields is required. Only the columns that are visible are represented when a table is exported in CSV format as well.

To change column visibility select the Properties option under the File menu. This will display a control panel offering two tabs: Data Source and Column Visibility. The Data Source tab displays the dataset title (by default the directory and filename), as well as the number of columns and records. Selecting the Column Visibility tab will display lists of visible and hidden columns. Fields can be transfered between the visible and hidden lists by selecting them in their respective lists and clicking on the ">" or "<" buttons to move the selected columns to a hidden or visible state respectively.

Multiple column names can be selected using the standard list selection operators. Hold the CTRL key and click on individual fields to toggle their selection, or hold the SHIFT key and click on a field to select a range.