Layer Properties

Layer properties dialog box can be accessed by double clicking the layer in the legend panel. There are 4 main sub-categories in the properties dialog box represented by tabs along the top: Layer, Symbology, Visibility and Fields. Modifications to any of these sub-categories will be 'Applied' to the entire map layer, and information listed pertains to only the selected layer. From the 'Layer Properties' dialog box individual symbols can be accessed and modified, these modifications will appear in the 'Layer Properties- Symbology' category, however they will not appear in the Map Viewer until 'Apply' is chosen in the bottom right corner. Access and use of the symbol editor is discussed in greater detail later in the chapter (see the section called “Editing Symbols: The Symbol Editor”).

Figure 85. Layer Properties dialog box

Sub-categories of the 'Layer Properties' dialog box can be accessed by clicking the TABS along the top of the box. Changes made in each sub-category should be registered by clicking 'Apply' at the bottom of the dialog box. Clicking 'OK' or 'Cancel' will close the dialog box and return the user to the Map Viewer to view changes.