Comparing Scenarios

Comparing and contrasting scenarios is important for presenting results and receiving feedback. Identifying differences between a number of scenario results can be achieved using a Scenario Comparison Report (see the section called “Comparison Reports”).

Saved scenarios can be compared against one another and the Current Scenario (the live scenario at the time). There is a Report Wizard that will take you through the steps to create a comparison report (see the section called “Defining Comparison Reports Using the Wizard”) accessible from the Reports or Comparisons tab in the main Patchworks window. Attributes being compared in Comparison Reports are previously defined in the PIN file, depending on how the user wishes to assess the validity of various solutions. A Comparison Report then looks through each scenario folder held in the same directory as the PIN file for the required information. A line chart and HTML table are created from the results of each scenario present. The line chart (GIF format) and table (HTML) include information from all saved scenarios and the CURRRENT scenario. If a report is missing from the Scenario folder that particular Scenario solution will not be represented. Certain comparison reports even compare scenario results against the targets set for them (see the section called “The Range Indicator Compare Report”).