Step 2. Select an output folder

The second step of saving a scenario involves creating an output folder for all selected reports and tables. This step involves navigating to a directory location where this folder should be created, creating a new folder with a meaningful name and selecting this new folder.

By default, the directory navigator opens at the location the model started: the location of the PIN file. It is advantageous to save all scenario folders in the same directory for accessibility, organization and for the creation of Scenario Comparison Reports.

It is important to use a clear and meaningful title for the scenario folder for two reasons. One, to distinguish different scenarios from each other in the directory and two, the name of the scenario folder will appear on each report after the report title. This title should reflect the purpose of the scenario so that output from reports can be inituitively interpreted.

Figure 67. Create a scenario output folder

By selecting the Open button a standard directory navigation dialog box appears. Use this dialog box to create a new folder and title. Choose 'Save' to return to the Scenario Wizard and 'Finish' to save your reports to this new folder. A progress bar will indicate which reports are being saved and the time remaining to save all selected reports.