RED: 'Untreated and Unavailable'

Red will eliminate the original treatment (if one existed) and make the Zone unavailable to the scheduler, essentially creating untreated, unavailable Blocks. Each managed Block that is a member of a RED Zone will be cleared of its treatment and protected from any new treatments being assigned.


Removing a treatment at a particular time period may have consequences for previously assigned treatments in a later time period. You don't have to worry about these types of alterations, as the model takes all these factors into consideration when proposing possible treatment schedules. When the constraints are applied to the Block Table, all 'Invalid' treatments are removed automatically. In this way you do not need to be concerned with assigning illegal treatment options. (We've got ya covered!)

Even though the a block has been assigned 'Red', manual treatments can be applied with the Treatment Editor after the constraints have been applied because of the 'one way' nature of the Constraint Editor.

[Important]It's a one way street!

It is important to remember that the Scheduling Constraint Editor is a 'one way' tool available to change the eligibility status of blocks when 'Apply' is pressed. The Editor is not aware when you make changes to blocks using other Patchworks tools. For example, treatments can be manually applied to 'Red' blocks using the Treatment Editor or the availability of a block manually changed in the Block Table (uncheck the box in the "AVAILABLE" column in the block attribute table).