Other Options for Adjusting Target Charts

Additionally, adjustments to target values and weights can be made using the 'Target Status' and 'Target Values' files. These files can be exported into a common spreadsheet application, modified, analysed and resaved to be loaded into Patchworks in a future session. The 'Target Status' file will contain each target, its activation status and the status of the Maximum and Minimum constraints. The 'Target Value' file will contain each target and the actual values associated with each period.

Target value files contain a field entitled 'SUMMARY' which can be used to scale target values in percentages. The summary value should indicate the maximum possible achievement of the target value in the specific period. By setting the summary, minimum and maximum target objectives can be set as a percent of the summary value instead of inserting the absolute value. If a summary value has been set, an additional green box will appear along the bottom of the target chart in the far right corner to indicate the summary value.

This type of target adjustment is useful in situations where target objectives are specified as a certain percentage of the entire planning area or resource. For example, late seral stage target objectives can be specified as a minimum of 10% of the total area that falls into that seral stage classification.