Viewing Annual or Periodic Target Values

Some target values may be better understood or represented as an average annual value as opposed to a total value for a particular period. Period widths are defined by you and may vary over the entire time horizon. Annual values are an average derived from the period width (ie. a period width of 5 years would mean the value is divided by 5 to represent the average for any particular year within that period). Average annual values are useful for many product attributes whereas it would not make sense for some extant attributes (features, etc.).

Target values can be viewed in either format by selecting Annual Values or Periodic Values . Knowing your data set and the accounts which are being represented will dictate which view is most appropriate.


Your choice is dependent on variable period width and the account which the target falls under i.e. products are best illustrated as annual values whereas features (landscape extent) can be represented as a period value. Some information is only a depiction of the value in the last year of the period and therefore doesn't make sense to be represented as a yearly figure. Discretion and knowledge of target data being represented is important so information is not misrepresented.