Adjusting Target Values and Weights Using a Table

Information represented by each target chart is also found in table format by clicking the Show Table icon from the toolbar of the target chart. The table contains information relating to the period, the period width and the target name itself, as well as toggle switches to Activate or Deactivate the target, the maximum and minimum values. The table also displays data relating to the current conditions, max/min values and weights for each period in the time horizon.

By clicking any box in the Activation fields the entire column is turned on or off, essentially preforming the same function as the three Activation buttons on the chart toolbar, and applying the activation to the entire planning horizon. Individual cell values can be manually changed in the Target tables by double clicking the cell and typing the exact value. The table and the chart itself are linked, therefore changes made within the table will be represented in the chart and vice versa.

Other table operators are available in the Target tables to provide tools to select and query records. For further explanation of the query tool and other table tools see Table Viewer.