Adjusting Target Values

Target Values can be adjusted either by directly manipulating values within the Target Charts or by loading and saving various files. The targetSummary and targetStatus input files specify which targets are 'Active', and indicate active target levels and weights, and what the specific values are for each planning period are. These files can be saved with a Scenario, or set up prior to starting the model to be loaded with the PIN file. See Working with scenarios, the section called “Scenario Reports” and the section called “Saving and Reloading Scenarios”.

A number of options exist to set objectives via the charts. Maximums and minimums can be set separately, or they can be adjusted simultaneously. These objectives can be set equally for all planning periods or they can be adjusted for each individual period. The values that occur along the bottom of the chart are also colour coded to indicate the exact values that have been set as well as the current conditions. The numbers being displayed can be toggled between Annual values or Periodic values, which can be useful for product accounts.

Maximums, minimums or both can be adjusted by selecting one of the three Adjustment Icons on the toolbar (see Figure 59, “Quick Tour of a Target Chart ”). To set only the minimum values select , the maximum values only can be set by , or both can be adjusted simultaneously by selecting . To set the value use the mouse to click within the chart itself. The exact value will appear in the appropriate box along the bottom of the chart. The level can be adjusted by clicking and holding the mouse button to slide vertically until the desired level is reached.

Values for these constraints can be set equally for all periods or values can be set for each period individually by chosing Adjust Individual Period Values . The period will be indicated in the top right corner and the associated value will appear along the bottom of the chart.

If exact values are already known for certain accounts they can be manually inserted into the colour coded value boxes at the bottom of the chart by double clicking and typing the value. If 'All Periods' is selected, the value typed will be applied to all periods, however if 'Individual Periods' is selected, the value will be applied to the last period indicated in the upper right corner of the chart.


To set the minimum target level for all periods we would

  • click on the red Adjust minimum button.

  • click on the All Periods button.

  • click in the histogram area and drag the mouse up and down to change the target value on all periods.

To change minimum target levels independently for each period

  • click on the single period button

  • press inside the histogram and drag the mouse across to set the levels on each period.

You can also type in the exact values in the red and blue boxes at the bottom of the control panel.

Target values are in the same units as the account they represent and can be set at any level to achieve your management goals. Target values are not static however and can easily be manipulated to 'experiment' and 'simulate' various situations based on a number of different scenarios. Values can be changed while the model is running, causing it to immediately take the new changes into account while formulating a solution. In this sense the Target Chart becomes a very important component of the modelling process, allowing direct interaction with the solution.