Stop the scheduler

All that is left to do now is stop the scheduler. When the scheduler is stopped it is in standby mode, and ready to be reactivated. The model parameters stay in the exact position you paused it at, so you can review the results, make some changes and continue the analysis.

  1. Click the Pause button on the Map Viewer toolbar.

In our case we may want to examine the reports and targets for the VQO areas and conifer yield to determine if our objectives were satisfied.

When you pause the model you can save the results of the current scenario into a folder. Use the "Save a scenario" wizard from the File drop down menu on the tool bar to start this process (see the section called “Saving a Scenario”). All the reports we viewed earlier in the Report Writer will be saved in to a folder of your choosing and all outputs in this folder are viewable by web browsers and other tools. A complete scenario contains data files that allow you to reload the scenario and start the model at the exact point you paused and saved it. The entire folder could be zipped up and sent to someone else for analysis as well, or loaded on to a web site. A number of scenarios can be compared in an external spreadsheet or database application.