View a Treatment Map

You will most likely want to see what an arrangement of treatments looks like across the landbase. There are two layers that have been pre-defined in the legend in the map viewer that demonstrate this (to find out how to add layers see the section called “Adding and removing map layers” and the section called “Adjusting symbology”). The "Current Treatments" layer shows all the treatments scheduled in the currently displayed period (as set by the slider bar). The "Latest Treatments" layer shows all the scheduled treatments up to and including the selected period. The only treatment option available in this sample dataset is 'CC' (clearcut). When we uncheck the Seral Stages legend and check off both of the Current and Latest Treatment layers, the Map Viewer looks like Figure 16, “Treated area in Period 5.”. The image below displays the arrangement of treatments at period 5. The green colour displays all treatments scheduled up to this point in time, and the yellow colour displays treatments allocated in period 5.


Note that the layer stacking order is important, and the Current Treatments are displayed on top of the Latest Treatments. The stacking order can be changed by dragging the map layers up and down within the legend panel.

Figure 16. Treated area in Period 5.

The map viewer displays the current treatments allocated in period 5 (yellow) and the cummulative treatments for periods 1-5 (green). Stacking order within the legend is important where more than one layer is displayed simultaneously.