Start patchworks for the first time

Now that the Patchworks software has been activated, you may start up the tools using the Application Launcher.

  1. Select the Spatial Planning Systems program group in the Start menu.

  2. Select the Application Launcher menu item.


    The Application Launcher is your starting point to launch one of the many data preparation, output and modelling tools included in the Patchworks system.

  3. Scroll down the list of tools displayed in the Application Chooser window and select Patchworks. Click on the Go button.

  4. When the Patchworks dialog box is presented specify the input file (PIN file) location. The PIN file contains instructions written in a Java-like language. The file describes input datasets and other configuration options specific to a particular analysis.


    If you have loaded the sample dataset you may select the in the sample/analysis directory.

  5. Click Next to continue loading Patchworks. The Patchworks software should load and display the C5 model. The Quick Tour section of the User Guide provides a demonstation of Patchworks and the features of this data set.