The Patchworks software license agreement

The software is provided on a CD-ROM or as a downloadable setup program. The installation CD and setup program are the property of Spatial Planning Systems and are provided under license. You must protect the intellectual property contained in the CD and setup program according to the terms of the license agreement. In particular, you are not allowed to make copies of the installation CD or setup program, and you must not lend or distribute the installation CD or the setup software to anyone who is not covered by your license agreement.

Patchworks may be licensed for use on a single workstation, or with a floating license to allow usage on a designated set of workstations.

Single workstation licenses are activated with a USB hardware key and an activation code that is provided from Spatial Planning Systems. The activation process binds the software to the specific workstation. If you would like to transfer the software to new workstation you must first uninstall the Patchworks software from the original workstation, transfer the USB key, and then obtain a new activation code for the new workstation. Activation codes are not reusable, so if you wish to transfer the software back to the original workstation you must again obtain a new activation code.

Floating licenses holders may designate the fleet of workstations that are authorized to use the software using a combination of unique system hostids and/or networks addresses. During execution the workstation must be able to connect via the internet to an off-premises license server (at address to checkout an available license. The software may be simultaneously installed on designated machines, and licenses will be automatically checked out based on availability.

The most up to date Patchworks software license agreement containing all terms and conditions is provided with the Patchworks software distribution kit. Refer to the full license agreement for more details.