Category Report

The Category Report has been replaced by the Category Pattern Report. Both the Category and the Range Report have been grouped into the new Category Pattern Report (see the section called “Category Pattern Report”). The old Category Report is still functional in Patchworks and is therefore explained below.

A Category Report is similar in format to a Standard Report, however data can be summarized into different categories defined from the source data table. Each row in the report represents data summarized from a range of planning periods specified by you and totalled. Column headings are derived from all unique categories found under the columnPrefix for the data table, whereas the rows are derived from unique attributes found in the same table. This type of report allows the user to create reports about very specific and detailed data found in the sourceDataTable. Using two different categories to display data can be useful in determining characteristics such as, the area of each species (category 1) that falls within unique areal units, such as watersheds (category 2). Category Reports output three files to provide a clear visualization and summary of the data, as well as the raw data tables to be used in other applications.