Available Block Report

The Available Block report is a large CSV file that indicates the availability of each block in the dataset over the entire planning horizon. The first row of the report contains the column headings starting with BLOCK and followed by AVAIL00, AVAIL01... for each planning period. Subsequent rows of the report are composed of each individual block, starting with the block label, followed by a true or false (t,f) for each planning period to represent availability.

This report uses the convention t = available for treatment, and f = unavailable for treatment in that particular period. This table is extremely important to the Patchworks model, directing it to possible treatment locations and restricting treatments on blocks defined as unavailable.

The following is an example of a Block Availability Report:


This type of table would be extremely tedious to sift through to determine the state of all blocks in the dataset, however it is an extremely compact and versatile format for saving this type of data. Due to the usually large nature of the files even in this format, they are compressed further by a factor of 35, and therefore need to by 'unzipped' if the raw data is needed.

This table is an amalgamation of the Block Table 'AVAILABILITY' column for all planning periods. Only one period is represented at a time in the Table Viewer, while each period can be viewed by sliding the bar to the right of the table. The Block Availability Report actually takes the state of each individual block from the Block Table for ALL planning periods in the scenario. The Block Table provides a more convienent method of determining the availability of each block, by checking and unchecking the box in the AVAILABILTY column.

Blocks can also be selected based on certain criteria with the Query Tool, or can be selected 'spatially' in the Map Viewer. Once the blocks have been selected they will appear in the Block Table as selected records (and may need to be promoted to the top), which can then be easily adjusted using the check boxes.


If you are trying to toggle availability on a particular block and it just doesn't seem to be working check the amount of managed area! If it's ZERO I'm afraid it will never be available!

Similar information is also available in a convienent graphical interface in the Patchworks 'Constraints Editor'. In the 'Constraints Editor' you can select individual blocks and set the scheduling availability by toggling the coloured cells for each period. For example, 'Watershed' may be an attribute associated with each Block and therefore can be used to group individual blocks into larger spatial units. In this way, all blocks which are a member of that particular grouping can be set to Available or Unavailable with one click for a number of planning periods.

Figure 126. Constraint Editor -- Block Availability

See Controlling Patchworks for more information regarding the 'Constraint Editor' and 'Block Eligibility'.