The Patchworks Console

The Patchworks Console lets you run BeanShell scripts to perform tasks that may be tedious or even impossible to replicate using the interactive interface.

To diplay the Patchworks console:

Your Patchworks installation kit includes several script files in a special directory named scripts (see the section called “The Scripts Directory”).

You can also write your own scripts to automate processes specific to the modelling workflow in your organization.

The Patchworks Console lets you evaluate Java statements that you want to process using the Patchworks BeanShell interpreter. To evaluate a Java statement, type it at the BeanShell prompt and press the Enter key. The BeanShell evaluates the statement. When it is done, it redisplays the BeanShell command prompt. You can then enter another statement.

Statements must conform to Java syntax. For example, simple statements must end in a semicolon. Compound statements, such as if-then constructs, must end in a right brace. Statements may span multiple lines. To continue a statement on a new line, press the Enter key. The BeanShell does not evaluate the statement until you have entered the last line of the statement.