Automating Patchworks

Table of Contents

Adding an Old Seral Stage Target using the Patchworks Console
The Patchworks Console
The Scripts Directory
The Patchworks Applications Programming Interface
Automating a Series of Scenarios
Setting up a Scenario Set
Running a Scenario Set

The Patchworks interface is specifically designed to facilitate interactive modelling. Patchworks allows you to explore tradeoff relationships between competing objectives, while viewing the results over time using the GIS mapping tools. However, you may find that certain modelling tasks are either tedious or impossible to perform using the interactive Patchworks interface. Or, you may have a project that requires many model runs of numerous scenarios. To save time and to help streamline the delivery of output, automating the scenario process is a good idea.

Patchworks provides a powerful and flexible mechanism for automating scenarios analysis. Just about anything that you do in the Patchworks interface can be done through the use of scripts. Scripts in Patchworks are written in Beanshell, a fully structured programming Java-like language. They can be typed in at the Patchworks console or put together in files that are used by Patchworks. There is whole directory of scripts for your use found in the scripts directory.