Parameters and Constructors

public TableQueryReport (String filename,                
                         String title,                   
                         AttributeStore sourceDataTable, 
                         String query,                   1
                         String[] expression,            2
                         String[] columnNames,           3                         
                         int[] periods)                  4


query - An expression describing the reselection criteria used to restrict records in the output file. The expression can refer to any columns in the sourceDataTable.


expression - An array of expressions describing the data value to be displayed in the cells of the table. The expression can refer to any column in the sourceDataTable. The actual value contained in the specified column could be written in the cells, or the value could be modified to represent other information. For example "CURRENT/PERIODWIDTH" would create a new value derived from the values contained in the two columns labelled "CURRENT" and "PERIODWIDTH".


columnNames - A list of names to be used for column headings, one for each of the corresponding expressions.