Parameters and Constructors

public BoxAndWhiskerChartReport(String filename,         
                                String title,             
                                AttributeStore as,        
                                String units,             
                                String xCaption,          1 
                                String bwCaption,         2 
                                String legendCaption,     3 
                                String valueExpression,   4 
                                String categoryColumn,    5 
                                String[] categories,      6 
                                String[] categoryNames,   7 
                                double[][] bwData,        8 
                                boolean annualize,        
                                String html)              


xCaption - This refers to the caption for the x-axis.


bwCaption - This refers to the legend caption for the box and whisker data.


legendCaption - This refers to the the legend caption for the simulation data.


valueExpression - This refers to an expression that defines the numeric values in the chart.


categoryColumn - This refers a column that contains the categories.


categories - This refers to the columns for the input dataset.


categoryNames - This refers to the names to be placed on the x-axis for each category.


bwData - This refers to the box and whisker data, organized first by category, and then by the following six indicators: mean, median, q1, q3, minimum, maximum. If the mean or median values are set to the value of Double.Nan then these indicators will not be drawn.