Parameters and Constructors

          public PatchReport(String filename,                    
                             String title,                       
                             String units,                       
                             AttributeStore sourceDataTable,     
                             String reselectExpression,          
                             Topology topology,                  1
                             String valueExpression,             2
                             RangeLabel[] classes,               3
                             int periods,                        
                             String additionalHTML)                  


topology - The topology allows you to specify a topology dataset to use.


valueExpression - The valueExpression allows you to specify which attribute from the datasourceTable is to be used to calculate cell values. This is where you decides if the patches will be all the Douglas fir stands (feature.Area.managed.DF) for example.


RangeLabel - The RangeLabel allows you to define the size class distribution for the patches. An example of a range of size classes is as follows:

Figure 193. RangeLabel

		RangeLabel[] patchSize = new RangeLabel[] {
		new RangeLabel("0_100", 0, 100),
		new RangeLabel("100_400", 100, 400),
		new RangeLabel("400_800", 400, 800),
		new RangeLabel("800_1600", 800, 1600),
		new RangeLabel("1600+", 1600, 9999999999),