Example PIN File Definition

Following the constructors and parameter definitions set out above, a Period Category Report could be added and defined in the PIN file as:

ReportWriter.addReport(new PeriodCategoryReport("ageClass",
                      "Managed area by age class and period",
                      "Spatial Planning Systems:
                      September 2002",


In this example, a new Period Category Report is being added to the Report Writer with a filename "ageClass". NO file extension has been identified, therefore three files will appear in the scenario folder entitled "ageClass.html, ageClass.png, and ageClass.csv". The title of this report is "Managed area by age class and period" and will be followed by the name of the scenario it was saved to.

Since this report is displaying area the units have been designated as "hectares" and will appear on the Y-axis of the PNG chart.

The information for this report was derived from data contained in the "Block Table" using the instruction control.getBlockTable(),. The area information was contained in the column "MANAGEDAREA" and was further divided into category ranges based on information contained in the "MANAGEDOFFSET" column of the Block Table. The information in the "MANAGEDOFFSET" column was used to assign records to one of the ranges in the "ageClass" range. In this particular example no other restrictions or reselections have been used to further narrow the information being displayed.

The number of periods being displayed is 21 (20 planning periods plus the initial conditions). Finally, additional text was added to display "Spatial Planning Systems: September 2002" under the PNG bar chart, and the values in this report are to appear in absolute terms (computePercent= false) as opposed to percentages.

This PIN file definition and range label definition was used to produce the example charts and tables found in this section.