Example PIN File Definition

Following the constructors and parameter definitions set out above, an Index Report could be added and defined in the PIN file as:

ReportWriter.addReport(new IndexReport("detail_watershed/index",
                                       "Reports by Watershed",
                                       "These reports contain information
                                        classified by unique watershed units
                                        within the planning area. Detailed
                                        information is available for each unique watershed unit.",


This index report lists the contents of the "detail_watershed" folder and is entitled "Reports by Watershed". The two files that would have been created for this report are "index.html" and "index.csv", and would appear in the "detail_watershed" folder when saved to a scenario.

Additional HTML text was added to this particular index to indicate what was contained in the folder. Any HTML can be added to an Index Report in this location. Finally, reportWriter.getReports() is used to instruct the Index Report to get all reports from within the specified folder.

This next example shows an Index Report created for a sub-folder of the above example. Notice the filename refers to all folders in the branch of the directory tree. This example has no additional HTML text (""), and will create an index for the "ageClass" sub-folder.

rw.addReport(new IndexReport("detail_watershed/ageClass/index",
             "Managed area by Watershed and age class reports",