Animator — Creates a GIF format animation from multiple input image files.



ca.spatial.gis.reportwriter.Animator {output} {delay} {input...}


outputThe name of the GIF animation file to be createdNone
delaytime (seconds) between animation framesNone
input...a list of image files to be used to create the animationNone


The Animator program creates a GIF format animation from input image files. The animation can be used as an effective visual aid when presenting change over time.

Processing Notes

There is no set limit on the number of input images may be used to create the animation. However, the operating system may limit the length of the command line.

Each frame must be of equal dimensions.


      java -jar patchworks.jar ca.spatial.gis.reportwriter.Animator seral.gif 2 \
             period00.png period02.png period04.png

In this example the program will create an animation called seral.gif. There will be a two second delay between each of the three frames.