Adding and removing map layers

Layers can be interactively added to the Map Viewer through the use of a Layer Selection dialog by clicking on the Add a Layer button on the toolbar. The 'Add a Layer' dialog presents a number of tabs to open different types of map layers. 'Shapefile', 'Coverage' and 'Image' will prompt for shapefiles, coverages and images respectively. If, after adding a map layer to your legend, you then decide that you would like that layer to show in the intial map legend upon start-up, simply right click on this map layer, and the corresponding code to include this map layer in your PIN file will display in a web browser. Simply copy the code into your existing PIN file, in the appropriate section.

'Open existing' will access already opened map layer datasets, including internally maintained simulation data. This option provides the only means of accessing the block and route simulation layers. The 'Open existing' option will share the resources consumed by the layer, and will improve the performance of the model. Map layers that share the same existing dataset will also share the same selection and query characteristics. If you want to open a layer that does not share selection characteristics with an existing layer then you should not use the 'Open existing' option.

To remove a layer from the legend select the layer to be removed and click on the Remove Layer button in the toolbar.