Ratio Accounts

A ratio account computes the ratio of two previously defined accounts. Algebraically, the value of a ratio account is equivalent to:

Ratio accounts are useful for setting an objective for a percentage of an existing account. For example, to set an objective to maintain 5% of balsam fir area in the late seral stage, you would use a relationship similar to the following:

ratio.Seral.late.Bf = feature.Seral.late.Bf/feature.Area.total.BF

The previous example is conceptually correct, but not in the right syntax. Base on this example, the correct way to create a ratio account is:

  1. Define the numerator and denominator accounts in the accounts.csv file.

  2. Define the ratio account in the PIN file.

control.addRatioAccount ("ratio.Seral.late.Bf","feature.Seral.late.Bf","feature.Area.total.BF")