Using the Proximal Topology Tool

The proximal topology tool will generate a file which lists interpolygon distances and shared edge length within a specified threshold distance for all polygons in the fragments file. This gives us information about each polygon's neighbours which is used to block the fragments in the next step.

  1. First, access the Proximal Topology (raster) tool from the Application Launcher under the Data prep Folder. The Proximal Topology (vector) tool only works with ArcInfo coverages.

  2. Upon clicking "Next", input the following information:

    • QuickTourIII/data/fragments.shp

    • Label:FRAGS_ID

    • Cell size:10

    • Threshold distance:20

    • Output filename(something you can easily remember what it represents): QuickTourIII/tracks/topology_fragments_20.csv

Figure 149. The Proximal Topology (raster) Tool

Now we're really ready to group our fragments! Many of the values required will come from Table 3, “Fields required by the group fragments tool”