Your turn

You are now ready to explore the documentation in all it's Parts! Since you now have a firm understanding of Key Concepts and how to get around the software you can now focus on the sections of the documentation that will help you meet your personal goals.

The first part of the documentation (where you are right now!) will help you to use Patchworks by setting up accounts, reports, map layers and scenarios. This section is great for those who want to explore more with the sample dataset or already have a dataset to customize.

The second part of the documentation is geared towards putting together your own dataset. This includes the block shape datasets, topology, road network, Forest Model (growth and yield, stand dynamics) and setting up groups.

If you are starting from scratch and eager to get going on your own data you may want to jump ahead to the next Quick Tour Part III: Preparing Patchworks Datasets and continue on into Preparing for an Analysis.