Preparing for an Analysis

This part of the User Guide is focussed on 'Data Preparation' for a typical Patchworks dataset. This part of the User Guide contains general information for understanding the Forest Model XML to describe the stand dynamics of your forest, the resulting Data Model which is loaded into the Patchworks model and the preparation and pre-processing of a road network.

The three main areas of data preparation are:

  1. Inventory

    • Spatial forest inventory

    • Land base net down criteria (guidelines and regulations)

    • Other spatial features to be tracked and modelled

  2. Stand dynamics and other information linked to the inventory

    • Growth and yield information (from aspatial plan)

    • Succession and post harvest response rules (from aspatial plan)

    • Other financial information (harvest costs, stumpage, renewal, etc.)

    • Product value information (costs and development)

    • Indicators and targets you will want to track in analysis

  3. Roading

    • Existing and planned road coverages

    • Road network cost information

To get started in this Part we will take you through the steps necessary to make a typical Patchworks dataset. Of course every situation has its own unique issues, but we will examine what a typical dataset would look like, by building the sample dataset included with your software.