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haline - Static variable in class ca.spatial.mapview.symbol.ColorPalette
Sequential haline
halt() - Method in interface ca.spatial.util.Suspendable
Halt the process.
HARVEST - Enum constant in enum class ca.spatial.mapview.symbol.ColorSet
hasArrow() - Method in class ca.spatial.mapview.symbol.SimpleLineSymbol
hasCommand(String) - Static method in class ca.spatial.util.GuiControl
hasEdge(int) - Method in class ca.spatial.table.Node
Test if this Node has an edge relationship to the Node with a specified index value.
hasEligible() - Method in class ca.spatial.tracks.builder.EligList
Test is any eligible ages
hasFilter() - Method in class ca.spatial.table.PivotStore
Get if the data source has filter applying on it.
hasFlag(int) - Method in class ca.spatial.table.AttributeFormat
hashCode() - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.TreatmentTiming
hashCode() - Method in class
hashCode() - Method in class
hashCode() - Method in class ca.spatial.tracks.builder.AttributeKey
hashCode() - Method in class ca.spatial.tracks.builder.AttributeVal
Required when equals() is overridden.
hashCode() - Method in class ca.spatial.tracks.builder.AttributeValKey
hashCode() - Method in class ca.spatial.tracks.builder.EligList
hasIndex(int) - Method in class ca.spatial.table.AttributeStore
Indicate if an index has been build on a column
hasIndex(int) - Method in class ca.spatial.table.RelationalStore
hasManagedArea() - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.Block
Return true if this block has a managed component, or false otherwise
hasManagedTreatments() - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.Block
Check if the managed component of the block has treatments
hasManual() - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.BlockPart
Test if this block part has manual treatments applied
hasMoreElements() - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.Report.GetNodesAt
hasNativeIndex() - Method in class ca.spatial.table.AttributeFormat
hasNext() - Method in class ca.spatial.table.ShapeIterator
hasNext() - Method in class ca.spatial.table.SpatialIterator
Iterator contains more data
hasNext() - Method in class ca.spatial.tracks.builder.Curve
hasNext() - Method in class ca.spatial.util.BitIterator
hasNext() - Method in class ca.spatial.util.WizardPane
Test if there is a following step.
hasPrev() - Method in class ca.spatial.util.WizardPane
Test if there is a preceeding step.
hasSelectionContext() - Method in class ca.spatial.mapview.DefaultTheme
hasSelectionContext() - Method in class ca.spatial.mapview.DitherTheme
hasSelectionContext() - Method in class ca.spatial.mapview.GeoRelLayer
hasSelectionContext() - Method in class ca.spatial.mapview.ImageTheme
hasSelectionContext() - Method in class ca.spatial.mapview.Layer
Check if this theme uses a selection context
hasSelectionContext() - Method in class ca.spatial.mapview.NumericTheme
hasSelectionContext() - Method in class ca.spatial.mapview.Theme
Ask if theme makes use of cached spatial queries to speed up operations.
hasSelectionContext() - Method in class ca.spatial.mapview.UniqueValueTheme
hasSelectionContext() - Method in class ca.spatial.parser.Expression
Test if the expression uses a selection context
hasSpatialIndex() - Method in class ca.spatial.table.CoverageStore
hasSpatialIndex() - Method in class ca.spatial.table.GeoRelationalStore
hasSpatialIndex() - Method in class ca.spatial.table.HexagonStore
hasSpatialIndex() - Method in class ca.spatial.table.ShapeFile
hasSpatialIndex() - Method in class ca.spatial.table.ShapeRamCache
hasSpatialIndex() - Method in interface ca.spatial.table.SpatialStore
Query if this SpatialStore has a spatial index
hasTreatmentInPeriod(int) - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.BlockPart
Check if a treatment occurs in the specified period
hasTreatments() - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.BlockPart
Test if this block part has had treatments applied
hasUnmanagedArea() - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.Block
Return true if this block has a nunmanaged component, or false otherwise
HatchSymbol - Class in ca.spatial.mapview.symbol
HatchSymbol(SimpleLineSymbol, double, double) - Constructor for class ca.spatial.mapview.symbol.HatchSymbol
hdbscan(int) - Method in class ca.spatial.compartment.SpatialCluster
header(String, ReportWriter) - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.Report
Write a standard HTML page header.
HEADER - Static variable in interface ca.spatial.table.PivotTablePrinter.PivotPrinter
A flag to indicate a header cell
HEX - Static variable in class ca.spatial.mapview.symbol.SimplePointSymbol
HexagonStore - Class in ca.spatial.table
A class to dynamically provide a hexagon rasterization of an input dataset.
HexagonStore(GeoRelationalStore, Extent2D, int) - Constructor for class ca.spatial.table.HexagonStore
Build a hexagon representation of an input dataset.
hidden(boolean) - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.MapLayoutReport.MapElement
Set if the element is visible in the table of contents or not.
hiddenColumn(String, Object[]) - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.PivotTableReport
hiddenRow(String, Object[]) - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.PivotTableReport
hiddenValue(Object[]) - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.PivotTableReport
hide(String) - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.MapLayoutReport.Text
Hide parts of the html document that match the specified class.
hideOriginalData(boolean) - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.PivotFieldParams
hierarchyChanged(HierarchyEvent) - Method in class ca.spatial.util.SimpleProgress3
histogram(int) - Method in class ca.spatial.compartment.SpatialCluster
Print a histogram of cluster sizes.
HISTOGRAM_EQUALIZATION - Static variable in class ca.spatial.mapview.GradientTheme
Histogram equalization provides a non-linear mapping to approximate an equal number of elements in each color gradient
HOME - Static variable in class ca.spatial.util.IProperties
The read-only location of the Patchworks install folder.
horizon - Static variable in class ca.spatial.patchworks.Horizon
Horizon - Class in ca.spatial.patchworks
This class keeps track of the length of the planning horizon and the division into planning period intervals.
Horizon() - Constructor for class ca.spatial.patchworks.Horizon
horizontal(int) - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.MapLayoutReport.ReportTable
Set the horizontal alignment of the table within the space provided.
horizontal(int) - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.MapLayoutReport.Text
Set the horizontal alignment of the text within the space provided.
HtmlPivotPrinter(PrintStream) - Constructor for class ca.spatial.table.PivotTablePrinter.HtmlPivotPrinter
htmlText(String, Map<String, Object>) - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.Report
HtmlUtil - Class in ca.spatial.util
This class contains methods for working with HTML strings.
HtmlUtil() - Constructor for class ca.spatial.util.HtmlUtil
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