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keepColumns(String[]) - Method in class ca.spatial.table.DBFWriterSetup
Prune out the list of definitions to keep only the definitions whose aliases exactly match the list of columns that are passed in.
keyChanged(AccessTableModel) - Method in interface ca.spatial.patchworks.AccessKeyListener
keyCompare(String[], String[]) - Method in class ca.spatial.tracks.KeyList
keyCompareAll(String[], String[]) - Method in class ca.spatial.tracks.KeyList
keyCompareExact(String[], String[]) - Static method in class ca.spatial.tracks.KeyList
keyCompareValues(String[], String[]) - Static method in class ca.spatial.tracks.KeyList
KeyList<E> - Class in ca.spatial.tracks
A class to handle multiple-key order preserving lookup tables.
KeyList(Vector<? extends AggregateTest>) - Constructor for class ca.spatial.tracks.KeyList
keyPressed(KeyEvent) - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.ScenarioExplorer
keyPressed(KeyEvent) - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.TargetView
keyReleased(KeyEvent) - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.ScenarioExplorer
keyReleased(KeyEvent) - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.TargetView
keys - Variable in class ca.spatial.mapview.ThemeElement
keyTyped(KeyEvent) - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.ScenarioExplorer
keyTyped(KeyEvent) - Method in class ca.spatial.patchworks.TargetView
kind - Variable in class ca.spatial.parser.ParsedToken
An integer that describes the kind of this token.
KM - Static variable in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.MapLayoutReport
Constant representing units of measure in kilometres
knownReport(String) - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.ReportWriter
Test if a document is known by the reportWriter.
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