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JAMAICAN - Enum constant in enum class ca.spatial.mapview.symbol.ColorSet
jamaicanJam - Static variable in class ca.spatial.mapview.symbol.ColorPalette
Jamaican Jam (legacy)
JarServer - Class in ca.spatial.reportwriter
A plugin to export files stored in a JAR file.
JarServer(String, Class) - Constructor for class ca.spatial.reportwriter.JarServer
JAVA - Enum constant in enum class ca.spatial.util.TextViewer.Syntax
JDBC - Static variable in class ca.spatial.parser.RelationSpecParser
RegularExpression Id.
JDBCSpec(String, String, Properties) - Constructor for class ca.spatial.table.TableSpec.JDBCSpec
Create an JDBC TableSpec object
JDBCStore - Class in ca.spatial.table
This class provides the makeJDBCStore method for reading a database select query and accessing the results through the AttributeStore interface.
JJ - Static variable in class ca.spatial.mapview.symbol.Symbol
Jamaican Jam color set
jj_nt - Variable in class ca.spatial.parser.SqlToBeanShell
Next token.
join(String) - Method in class ca.spatial.reportwriter.MapLayoutReport.Graphic
Set the line join style for the intersection of line features.
JSP_SYNTAX - Static variable in class ca.spatial.parser.Expression
A constant that is used as a parameter to the constructor to indicate that the JSP-style syntax should be parsed out.
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All Classes|All Packages|Constant Field Values|Deprecated API|Serialized Form