Package ca.spatial.util

package ca.spatial.util
Utility classes used in common by the Patchworks system
  • Interface Summary
    This interface describes methods that can be used to cancel tasks.
    An interface to an event logging infrastructure
    A simple interface to access selection status.
    This interface describes methods that can be used to suspend, resume and halt processes.
    An interface for forward-only operations on a cursor.
    The method in this interface will test if the state of the wizard is sufficiently complete to allow the finish button to be enabled.
  • Class Summary
    This class provides a global holder of all actions that can be performed in the model.
    This is the default class that is started from the Patchworks jar file when no other class name is specified on the command line.
    This class will produce a list of files that should be uploaded from the local file system to Azure, or downloaded from Azure to the local file system.
    This class implements an iterator that returns Ranges describing spans of true bits in a bitstring.
    SPS logo factory
    This class allows the specification of the unit labels to be used in reports, and the conversion factors that should be applied between mapping units and reporting units.
    This class is a JFileChooser that has been customized to allow selection of shapefiles and coverages.
    Read data from a CSV file.
    A class to assist in runtime control over debugging messages.
    This class provides the instructions for decoding an object in to a script.
    A default implementation of the Cancelable interface
    This class is a pure static class that is used to handle error messages.
    This class assists in displaying online documentation.
    Provide a variable-width formatter for double precision numbers.
    Implement a JTable cell editor that will pop up a JFileChooser dialog when the contents of the table cell are being edited.
    Format a number to fit within the specified number of columns.
    This class assists in controlling and customizing the Patchworks user interface.
    This class contains methods for working with HTML strings.
    A utility class to support internationalization of strings.
    This class manages access to scripting engines.
    A simple wrapper around an Object and a Label.
    This component lists tasks to be completed with a progress bar at the bottom.
    This class implements a system for logging meta data about patchworks commands.
    A class that contains a label and a user object.
    A class that creates and manipulates sorted trees.
    An interpreter console for Patchworks.
    This class has methods that will will allocate selected records from a table into a set of classes according to the desired proportions.
    Returns an instance of the Spatial Planning Systems public key.
    A language agnostic interpreter console for Patchworks.
    This class encapsualtes a numeric range test.
    This class implements a TableCellEditor for RangeLabel classes.
    A class to determine and perform linear scaling
    This class encapsulates a JFileChooser with additional capabilities.
    A convenience implementation of FileFilter that filters out all files except for those type extensions that it knows about.
    Show a message in a dialog
    This is a class to handle long running tasks in a background thread so as not to block the Swing event dispatch thread.
    This class implemenents a cell editor that features a number spinner
    This class keeps tracks of decoders that convert objects into constructor scripts.
    Wrap an XMLEncoder to provide semi-sane handling of persistence delegates.
    Read data from a database connection.
    Read data from a CSV file.
    Read a stream as a TableReader file.
    A class to hold task information for the LoadProgress widget.
    This class contains a simple text viewer that is capable of displaying small amounts of text contained in a String object.
    This class contains the Patchworks version numbers
    Format a number to fit within the specified number of columns.
    This class contains several static methods used to manage windows on the desktop.
    This class contains a 'wizard' style component.
    This class provides a wrapper to put a 'wizard' style component into a dialog.
    This class provides a wrapper to put a 'wizard' style component into a top level frame.
    A WizardPane represents a panel that can contain elements that display values and obtain user input.
    This class implements a tabbed paned inside of a wizard.
    This class supports loading and selectively unpacking values from YAML files.
    A simple zip file writer.
  • Enum Class Summary
    Enum Class
  • Exception Summary
    A class to describe errors occuring in the TableReader packages