Class Actions


public class Actions extends Object
This class provides a global holder of all actions that can be performed in the model. Each active component should contribute actions to this container.
  • Constructor Details

    • Actions

      public Actions()
  • Method Details

    • add

      public void add(String label, Action action)
      Add an action to the list.
    • get

      public Action get(String label)
      Retrieve an action from the list.
    • getMap

      public Map<String,​Action> getMap()
      Get the Map object that holds all of the actions
    • perform

      public void perform(String label)
      Perform a defined action.
    • addConsoleActions

      public static void addConsoleActions(JMenu menu)
    • getQuitAction

      public static Action getQuitAction()
    • getTileAction

      public static Action getTileAction()
    • getCascadeAction

      public static Action getCascadeAction()
    • getCloseAllWindowsAction

      public static Action getCloseAllWindowsAction()
    • getRaiseAction

      public static Action getRaiseAction()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      List the defined actions and short descriptions
      toString in class Object