Class XMLWoodstock


public class XMLWoodstock extends Object
This class builds a ForestModel XML file from values read in from the Woodstock input file. This file captures stand dynamics from the Woodstock inputs and is suitable for input to the MatrixBuilder.

This class is a top level application. It will present a wizard that prompts for all required input files and conversion parameters. Upon clicking on the 'Finish' button the application will complete the translation of the Woodstock model.

The wizard has many prompts that collect parameters used to control the translation. At the last stage of the translation these selections may be saved in to a 'hints' file. When the Woodstock translation is rerun the previously saved 'hints' may be loaded to restore all of the selections.

  • Method Details

    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)
      This main method will initialize the application and present the wizard that is used to gather inputs. The application will read in a Woodstock input file, parse the contents, and dump out the results in ForestModel XML format.
      args - No arguments are allowed to this application. All parameters will be collected by an interactive wizard.