Package ca.spatial.tracks

package ca.spatial.tracks
Common classes used by model translators
  • Interface Summary
    An interface describing a management action
    An interface for a container of Action objects
    Test if two strings are related through an aggregation.
    An interface for a map of Curve objects
    An interface to test if a stand is operable within a period
    An interface for the response to an Action
    An interface to a container of Response objects
  • Class Summary
    Immutable curve class
    A default implementation of the Action interface
    Default aggregation test that passes if the keys match
    A default implementation of the Response interface
    A class to handle multiple-key order preserving lookup tables.
    A class used to compare the points from two curves
    A class to hold and compare age ranges
    For each target of a treatment, specify the percentage renewed and the offset of the response along its track.