Class Process

All Implemented Interfaces:
ActionListener, EventListener

public class Process extends Object implements ActionListener
This is the MatrixBuilder application. This class will apply a ForestModel XML file against a forest inventory file. This program will generate Patchworks output data sets for all of the blocks in the input inventory file.

All parameters that influence this conversion process are set in the input XML file.

  • Constructor Details

    • Process

      public Process(String covName, String outName, String xmlName)
      The main constructor. This constructor only checks the arguments. In order to start the process call the execute(boolean) method.
      covName - The name of the fragment file data set. This could be a shapefile, coverage or dBase file.
      outName - The name of the output folder to contain the matrix.
      xmlName - The name of the ForestModel XML file.
  • Method Details

    • execute

      public void execute(boolean interactive)
      Begin the interactive execution. This method will start execution on a background thread and then immediately return. If you need to know when the execution is completed then wait on the Process object.
      interactive - If true then display interactive prompts to validate input fields if they are not correct.
    • actionPerformed

      public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
      Listen for the cancel button.
      Specified by:
      actionPerformed in interface ActionListener
    • main

      public static void main(String[] argv)
      The command line invocation method. If command line arguments are not provided then start up a wizard to collect file names.