Class TableSpec.AppendSpec

Enclosing class:

public static class TableSpec.AppendSpec extends TableSpec
This specification will describe a AppendStore table

The syntax for this specification is

 Append [Tables [{parent}]... ] {{reselects}} {{periods}} {{columnSpecs}}
Note that the {{reselects}}, {{periods}}, and {{columnSpecs}} symbols contain sequences of values that are enclosed by literal { } characters to represent lists.
  • Constructor Details

    • AppendSpec

      public AppendSpec(AttributeStore[] stores, String[] reselects, int[] periods, AppendColumnSpec[] columnSpecs)
      Create an AppendSpec
      stores - the array of parent table objects to append
      reselects - the array of reselect expressions that choose the records to include
      periods - the list of periods taht will be sampled
      columnSpecs - the list of columns that will be in the output table
    • AppendSpec

      public AppendSpec(TableSpec[] tables, String[] reselects, int[] periods, AppendColumnSpec[] columnSpecs)
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