Class TablePanel

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible

public class TablePanel extends JPanel
A class to provide a viewer widget for table data. Besides providing a scrollable JTable viewer widget, this class provides additional functionality:
  • Edit table properties, such as column visibility;
  • automatically displays a period slider for datasets that have temporal data (CubeStore.class);
  • provides an enhanced GUI with a menu and a toolbar to access extended features (export dataset, eval expression, etc).
  • provides a column-sortable view of the data;
  • manipulates the selection set of the dataset. All changes to the selection set will propogate using the MVC data model.
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Serialized Form
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • TablePanel

      public TablePanel(AttributeStore as)
      The default constructor for the class. Due to the Swing threading rules this constructor must be invoked on the event dispatch thread.
  • Method Details

    • disconnectListeners

      public void disconnectListeners()
    • setListSelectionModel

      public void setListSelectionModel(SorterSelectionModel sorterSelectionModel)
    • getListSelectionModel

      public SorterSelectionModel getListSelectionModel()
    • convertRowIndexToModel

      public int convertRowIndexToModel(int row)
    • convertRowIndexToView

      public int convertRowIndexToView(int row)
    • setSortOrder

      public void setSortOrder(int[] index)
    • getSortOrder

      public int[] getSortOrder()
    • addSortOrderListener

      public void addSortOrderListener(SortOrderListener listener)
    • removeSortOrderListener

      public void removeSortOrderListener(SortOrderListener listener)
    • getActions

      public Actions getActions()
    • getJTable

      public JTable getJTable()
    • getJScrollPane

      public JScrollPane getJScrollPane()
    • prepareRenderer

      public Component prepareRenderer(JTable table, int row, int column, Component comp)
    • getOpenTableAction

      public static Action getOpenTableAction()
    • getAddRelateAction

      public static Action getAddRelateAction()
    • getCrosstabAction

      public static Action getCrosstabAction()
    • getCloseUnusedAction

      public static Action getCloseUnusedAction()
    • showProperties

      public void showProperties()