Interface EditableTableModel

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CategoryTable, ChoroplethTheme, ComparisonWriter, DefaultTheme, DitherTheme, ExcelStore, GradientTheme, ImageTheme, ModulusTheme, MultiPeriodRamAttributeStore, NumericTheme, RamAttributeStore, RangeStore, ReportWriter, SummaryTable, SummaryTable.Snapshot, Theme, UniqueValueTheme

public interface EditableTableModel extends TableModel
This interface extends the TableModel interface to add two extra methods for editing table data. These methods allow addition and removal of rows from the table.
  • Method Details

    • addRow

      void addRow(Object[] rowData)
      Add a row to the table. The number of items in the rowData array must match the number of columns in the table.
    • addRow

      void addRow(Component parent)
      Add a row to the table using default values. Optionally provide a reference to the parent window in case a dialog needs to be shown.
    • removeRow

      void removeRow(int row)
      Remove the row specified by the row number.
    • moveRow

      void moveRow(int fromRow, int toRow)
      Move the specified row to a new location