Class RasterRemapReport

All Implemented Interfaces:
Selectable<Report>, Comparable<Report>

public class RasterRemapReport extends Report
Create a raster output file, based on remapping codes in from a raster input file.
  • Field Details

    • TYPES

      public static final String[] TYPES
  • Constructor Details

    • RasterRemapReport

      public RasterRemapReport(String filename, String title, String rasterIn, AttributeStore store, String labelColumn, String query, int period)
      filename - The file name, not including the extension '.asc'.
      title - A title to be used in the index
      rasterIn - The name of an ascii raster input file.
      store - The attribute store that contains the remap values.
      labelColumn - The name of the column in the attribute store that contains labels to be matches to the raster file.
      query - An expression that will be evaluated to determine the new values in the output raster file.
      period - The period of interest.
  • Method Details

    • setLabelColumn

      public void setLabelColumn(String labelColumn)
    • getLabelColumn

      public String getLabelColumn()
    • setRaster

      public void setRaster(String raster)
    • getRaster

      public String getRaster()
    • setQuery

      public void setQuery(String query)
    • getQuery

      public String getQuery()
    • setPeriod

      public void setPeriod(int period)
    • getPeriod

      public int getPeriod()
    • doReport

      public ca.spatial.reportwriter.Report.DataCache doReport(String filename, PrintStream out, Map<String,​Object> param, ca.spatial.reportwriter.Report.DataCache cache)
      Description copied from class: Report
      The method used by the report writer to format the requested report. This method is implemented in every custom report. Application programs generally do not need to call this method, but instead use the report writer methods to obtain reports.
      Specified by:
      doReport in class Report
      filename - The full name of the report to be printed, including the extension of the sub-report (if any).
      out - The output stream to print output on to.
      param - A HashMap containing parameters that modify the report (for example the scenario name).
    • getTypes

      public String[] getTypes()
      Description copied from class: Report
      An accessor function to retrieve the list of report types supported by this report. See the documentation for the TYPES variable for the list of sub-types.
      Specified by:
      getTypes in class Report