Class PeriodExpressionReport

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Selectable<Report>, Comparable<Report>
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public class PeriodExpressionReport extends GeneralReport
This class produces a report that shows periods along the rows and specified values along the columns,
  • Constructor Details

    • PeriodExpressionReport

      public PeriodExpressionReport(String filename, String title, String units, AttributeStore sourceDataTable, String reselectExpression, int[] periods, boolean annualize, String htmlText, boolean percent, String[] expressions, String[] labels)
      Create a PeriodExpression report.
      filename - The name that the report will be saved to.
      title - The title of the report.
      units - The unit of measure of the values in the report.
      sourceDataTable - The source data table.
      reselectExpression - A boolean expressin used to limit the number of source data records used to create this report.
      periods - An array of periods of interest for this report.
      annualize - A flag to indicate if the values should be annualized. If true then values from period 0 (prior to the start of the simulation) are not shown. All other values are divided by the width of the period.
      htmlText - Additional text that can be used to document the report.
      percent - A boolean used to indicate if the values should be shown in percentage format.
      expressions - A list of expressions that will be summarized in the columns of the report.
      labels - A list of labels to use as column headings in the report.
  • Method Details

    • setExpressions

      public void setExpressions(String[] exprs, String[] labels)
    • getExpressions

      public String[] getExpressions()
    • getLabels

      public String[] getLabels()
    • setStore

      public void setStore(AttributeStore as)
      Description copied from class: GeneralReport
      Set the table of data that is used in this report.
      setStore in class GeneralReport
    • doReport

      public ca.spatial.reportwriter.Report.DataCache doReport(String filename, PrintStream out, Map<String,​Object> param, ca.spatial.reportwriter.Report.DataCache cache)
      Description copied from class: Report
      The method used by the report writer to format the requested report. This method is implemented in every custom report. Application programs generally do not need to call this method, but instead use the report writer methods to obtain reports.
      Specified by:
      doReport in class Report
      filename - The full name of the report to be printed, including the extension of the sub-report (if any).
      out - The output stream to print output on to.
      param - A HashMap containing parameters that modify the report (for example the scenario name).